In the last few weeks, there have been some events that make me even more proud to be a part of Idyllwild than usual.

First, the editorial written about our Idyllwild Pharmacy and how the insurance companies are making it harder to stay competitive. We all depend on the pharmacy for, at the very least, emergency toothpaste or cards even if we do not have medications. Like all our local businesses, our support as members of the community is vital. I believe that this editorial helps us recognize that what may appear to be making it easier for us in the short run could end up costing us far more in the long run.

Second, though I have been unable to assist physically in the construction of the new community playground, I have been hearing many positive reports about the organization and efforts of those who have.

Hats off to ICRC, Dawn, and all the volunteers for such an outstanding example of our coming together to create something for the whole area. It is wonderful to see that when we work together anything is possible.

With the world full of negative news, how great to hear of efforts that are supportive in nature.

Carol McClintic