By board vote, Pine Cove Water District granted a request from the Idyllwild Water District General Manager Terry Lyons and Director Jim Billman to waive standby fees on four Dutch Flat parcels, which IWD owns. The total aggregate annual fee for the parcels is $240.

In Lyons’ letter to the board, he stated, “As you know, IWD has never used, nor is there any plan in the future to use PCWD water on any of these parcels as any water which may be needed in the future would be provided by IWD.” In a spirit of comity and cooperation, the PCWD board approved the request.

The board also approved the budget for fiscal year 2012-13, which starts July 1. Total income of $760,000 is an increase $10,000 from the previous year. In 2011-12, the district projected a $30,000 surplus, but not this coming year.

Operating expenses of $187,000, up $17,000 from 2011-12, salaries and benefits of $425,000 are also $15,000 more than the previous year, with increases coming from overtime, taxes (FICA, SDI, ET, UTT), worker’s comp, medical and life insurance and training costs. Improvements are budgeted at $128,000, $18,000 more.

Increases are planned for main line replacement and structures and paving and concrete.

General Manager Jerry Holldber reported that production is substantially down from same month previous year (by about 300,000 gallons), and that the number of full-time occupied residences is the lowest its been in many years (400 compared to 530 in 2008).

Holldber also reported that water loss is unusually high at 15 percent, and was uncertain about the cause, since nothing indicating leaks was visible to crews making rounds.