Before we ooooh and ahhhh about our new library, it behooves us to pay tribute to our present library and its superb staff.

Oh, wait a moment! Ann is not there anymore. Neither is Jennie. Well, at least there’s still, what? Teresa, after 22 years of service to our community, is not there.

Was there a coup? Were they taken away secretly and dumped for newer (possibly cheaper) help? Did Riverside Public Library decide that, because of the new facility, we should have new staff? And therefore, making the present staff feel so stressed and uncomfortable, and probably unwanted, that they disappeared?

I don’t know the exact answers, although some Friends of the Library have informed us that our librarian and two library assistants did not get the homage they deserved and their send-off was less than honorable.

I wish to request of the generations of Idyllwild citizens who have enjoyed the library over these many years, to contact the Riverside Public Library system and express your disappointment in ridding our community of our own citizens as well as sending them off without the celebration and acknowledgement they deserve.

Please contact the Friends of the Idyllwild Library to organize a proper tribute.

Gabriella Dapeer
Pine Cove