I understand that a committee has been formed to create a more stringent fire code abatement program on the Hill. I found Riverside County’s current fire abatement plan online and it seems well thought out, and has fines and an ability for the county to remove and bill homeowners for fire hazards.

Looking at other surrounding areas’ fire abatement programs, I see that Julian has a much more lenient program than we have now and the majority of counties have either the same or less stringent program.

San Bernardino County is the most severe I could find and it seems we are copying that program. I guess I don’t understand why the current abatement plan enforced is not good enough. I can imagine the new fire code will be a fee-based inspection program where we will each be billed every year to have an inspector evaluate our property and this new fee or tax will go to the county.

I hope we all get involved and look at the cost of this new program.

Scott Fisher
Pine Cove