Max, Idyllwild's 2012-13 Mayor

Today, at 4:30 p.m., Max was announced as the elected Mayor of idyllwild and was duly sworn into office. His Vice Mayor will be Hogan.

Don Robertson, the Mayor of Banning, attended the ceremony and announced that he and Max would be working together for the Pass and the Hill welfare.

Janice Murkasko said ARF raised more than $30,000 during the campaign and election, but their annual budget approaches $40,000.

Editor’s note: A more detailed story will be published in this week’s paper.

Don Roberston, Mayor of Banning, congratulating Max


  1. ARF put on a wonderful event and ran a great election! In addition to greeting Max,

    Mayor Robinson had the honor of providing a new home for ARF resident 13yr old Mina. The adoption was not planned, but it was love at first fight!