Like other readers have expressed, my family has enjoyed walking along Strawberry Creek for years. We leave no trash, our dog is on leash, we pick up after him and remove the occasional plastic bottle or other litter from the area.

As others have expressed, “No Trespassing” signs will not deter vandalism and the presence of law abiding Idyllwildians can help deter destructive people.

My question for the editor is: “Who owns the land running adjacent to Strawberry Creek?” and can Idyllwild Pines restrict us from walking along the creek?

From what I have heard, something called the Idyllwild All Year Resort Corp. (or something like that) years ago set aside the land running about 15 feet along both sides of the creek for the residents to enjoy. This does not include the water rights, simply the land along the creek, from the top of the mountains to below Idyllwild Arts.

From what I understand, the only small parcel of the creek that is privately owned is behind Quiet Creek Inn on Delano. The rest is set aside for people enjoying the creek and nature, by this corporation.

If my information is correct, Idyllwild Pines cannot restrict people from walking along the creek that runs through their property, since they do not own the creek’s adjacent land.

Does the editor or Town Crier have any comment or information regarding this?

It is just a few destructive people who are causing the problem at Idyllwild Pines. Not simply anyone who isn’t affiliated with Idyllwild Pines, not the entire population of Idyllwild as Ms. Snyder seems to be accusing in her isolationist letter.

Michael Rasson
Santa Monica/Idyllwild

Editor’s Note: We are trying to find copies of deeds or maps which will address, if not answer, Mr. Rasson’s question.


  1. Actually, upon further investigation, there was 20 feet on both sides of Strawberry Creek set aside for public access EXCEPT through Camp Emerson. They own the property on both sides of the creek with no easement or access even if you are walking down the middle of the creek with or without water. I have not come upon anything (yet) that mentions the private property off Delano. That does not mean it doesn't exist, just that I haven't found anything mentioning it. The BSA office in Redlands has a copy of the documents (from what I'm told by a reliable source) documenting this. I became curious after all the back and forth opinions about Strawberry Creek access. It is true, these documents are available to the public, it just takes some time and digging. It's not really any big deal! There are plenty of places in Idyllwild to enjoy the creek.