Why did Idyllwild Fire Protection District find it necessary to announce the upcoming vote to increase the fire fee in Spanish? To be a registered voter, you must be a legal citizen. To be a legal citizen you must be “proficient in the English language.”  IFPD continues to find ways to waste money.

Also see approved Proposition 63 (1986), official language of California.

Ian Tober  

Idyllwild/Rancho Palos Verdes

In response: The Idyllwild Fire Protection District is required to follow all of the posting and noticing requirements set forth by the State of California and that of the Registrar of Voters; including the bilingual posting(s). The notice itself was generated by and from the Riverside County Registrar of Voters on behalf of the district.

Please note that in Riverside County all voter registration information, pamphlets and ballots are produced in a bilingual format. One may also request braille and to have the information read to them, as well as assistance with the actual voting procedure. 

All this is done in accordance to the laws set forth to allow maximum access for those with a right to vote to do so, regardless of their ability to read or write, as presented or limited by education or physical ability.

Patrick Reitz

Fire Chief