My wife, Ursula, and I have grown fond and respectful of our “former” librarian, Teresa Brouwer, who was recently dismissed as Idyllwild’s librarian.

We read the article of her dismisssal in your newspaper [June 28 issue] and were both shocked and distressed. Not only is her dismissal without cause after so many years of faithful and professional service heartless and unjust, it is also an affrontery to the community.

Idyllwild is not an impersonal and distant society such as prevails in urban centers. We are a close knit community and Teresa is a neighbor, friend and an indelible fabric in the texture of our local culture.

We must protest and cause this injustice and insult to us to be remedied.

Sal & Ursula Osio


  1. Barbara Howison is the local representative of the foreign company (English) which manages the Riverside County Library System. The name of the company is LSSI, LLC. headquartered in Germantown, Md. and easy to look up on Google. She was Theresa's supervisor and is the person responsible for this debacle which caused the only other two employees to quit as well, in protest of their treatment. Barbara's email is [email protected]. I have written to her and she is hiding behind CONFIDENTIALITY. As for us, we are protesting the grand opening of the new library by not attending. An English company also owns the Town Crier. It is reported that Theresa was given one hour to clear the premises and that the other two loyal employees were told THAT THEY COULD "APPLY" FOR THEIR POSITIONS after having served all those years! I am a retired professional librarian with a Master's degree in Library Science and Master's in East European history and am gravely disappointed but not surprised by the "corporate" handling of this matter. CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE TOO BUT OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE NOT LIKE YOU AND ME.

  2. I too will not attend the opening, and I will encourage every person I know to boycott this library. This is a small close knit community, many of us know each other by name, what this corporation did to a woman who served our community for over 20 years is unacceptable. I have written to them and hope other people will do the same–but whatever you do, please do not patronize this establishment until they reinstate all the people they fired.