I have read  many lettters to the editor over my lifetime in Idyllwild. I have disagreed with some and agreed with some but none have I agreed with more than Vic Sirkin’s recent letter regarding Idyllwild Water District.

The wastewater reclamation project at this time seems a waste of money. That money, used to drill wells, would help us with the water shortage much faster.

I wonder how many new wells have been drilled in the past 10 years, how many have been refurbished or put back on line? Allowing a few water meters per year for building would help the economy, not to mention the families who have been paying taxes and standby charges for many years.

Showing the public the facilities and how they work should also bring to light the workings of the water company.

To me, this is not how a public entity should work. Sounds like the tail is wagging the dog.

Maybe it’s time for new board members and a new general manager.

George Kretsinger

Past 20-year member of the IWD Board of Directors