I write regarding Mr. Taylor’s response [See the July 5 issue of the Town Crier]to the letter by Mr. Krull [see the June 21 edition] regarding the unleashed dog on the Ernie Maxwell Trail.

I want to know why Mr. Taylor feels the laws pertaining to having dogs on a leash at all times should not include him or his dog. Is he the one whose dog came after Mr. Krull’s puppy?

As a first time visitor, how dare he presume that he should be exempt from the leash law. I know, as a former resident of Santa Monica, that leash laws are strictly enforced there.

Also as a U.S. Forest Service volunteer, I have heard of dead dogs being found in the wilderness due to the carelessness of their owners in not keeping their dog safe on a leash. There also have been instances of lost dogs and hikers as the loose dog took off and the owner followed.

We receive many calls from owners, wondering how they can find a lost pet that wasn’t being protected by them.

Please, Mr. Taylor, if you do not want to follow the law, do the people of Idyllwild a favor, and do not visit our law-abiding town.

Denise Edmiston
Pine Cove