I am writing in support of Norman Cassen’s letter titled “Who needs a community center? Build a Park,” which appeared as “Another point of view” in the Town Crier’s July 7 edition.

Thank you, sir, for your informative and enlightened article. I’m sure I am not the only full-time resident who was surprised at the size of this proposed facility — 18,000 square feet?

Yup, folks, that’s three zeros. Multi-million dollar? Obscene indeed. The crown jewel of Idyllwild? That has got to be someone’s idea of a joke, right? I can walk out my front door and see more jewels than I can count.

I guess it depends on what we hold valuable in life. Why would anyone choose to live here if they don’t value the glory of nature?

Oh yeah, some see money to be made here in this little mountain hamlet. And if those big ideas don’t fit? Well, the developers will make them fit, right? No.

Please, just say “No” to the proposed monster project and say “Yes” to a beautiful, natural park on Strawberry Creek in the middle of Idyllwild, the crown Jewel of the San Jacintos.

Karin Sinclair
Pine Cove