Peter Buhl (at top left) watches “the first guests to Word of Mouth” enjoy the setting and music. Photos by Barry Zander

Wanting to be a positive force in the community, Peter Buhl is inaugurating a new concept to enable folks interested in art, music and literature to come together, as he puts it, “to ruminate, contemplate and create.”


His brainchild started two years ago when he moved into his shop, The Funky Bazaar, nested between Bubba’s Books and the Idyll Beast on North Circle Drive in Idyllwild.

Buhl took one look at the shop’s backyard. The beautiful setting beside Strawberry Creek (which he shares with Steve Moulton of Bubba’s Books) led him to envision endless possibilities where people could socialize, relax, paint, write or just enjoy nature.

Peter Buhl explaining “Word of Mouth” to the first guests.

After clearing out the overgrowth and brush, he arranged brightly painted chairs and tables, fixed up the stage and installed a live mike. He even started a library on the deck where his members can access art and literature books, games and painting supplies while enjoying free soft drinks, coffee and WiFi.


So how does one become a member of “Word of Mouth”? First you must see Buhl in his shop. He wants to make it clear that his business has nothing to do with the club, but there’s where you pick up the short membership application form and agree to the terms like “No Smoking.”

He will use this information to email members of the club’s special events. Each member will receive a membership card and he or she must sign in each time. The club is open to adults as well as mature high school and college students interested in the arts and performing arts. It is not a place to bring young children.

There are several more advantages to becoming a member of “Word of Mouth.” Groups and individuals can sign up to use the stage and mike. This gives performers another venue. The backyard is open from 9 a.m. to dusk, Wednesday through Sunday, and folks can stay as long as they wish.

Although everything about the club is free, there are operating costs such as beverages, electricity and other upkeep. At this point, Buhl has no idea how much it will cost. He is hoping that all members will put money into the donation box to keep it going and eventually expand the privileges.