I want to send a big thank-you to Julie Johnson for opening her wonderful store, INK Book Gathering, to Idyllwild Authors Series.

I was shocked by moderator Eduadro Santiago who blatantly overlooked the fact that the series was a collaboration between himself, INK and the attending authors. It was not a one man show, and could not have happened without the energies of all three.

This collaboration brought us some wonderful authors, most of whom said they would love to participate in other INK events created by Ms. Johnson. I look forward to hearing more from them.

INK will continue to host its regularly scheduled events such as book signings, open mic and poetry nights, Inksomnia and THINKing Cap Society, the homeschool book club.

I enjoyed almost all of the Authors Series events this year, but was disappointed that the mission to “support the bookstore” was barely promoted: few attendees actually bought any books, Town Crier articles hardly mentioned the store and got the name wrong in most of the articles.

It was a surprise that the moderator was granted sole recognition of the event, whereas the store itself was left to be a side note when it should have been sharing the spotlight.

As a previous board member of the Chamber of Commerce and active library board, Ms. Johnson has been an vital part of Idyllwild since moving here in 2009. Her creative spirit is felt in every inch of INK Book Gathering.

The minute you walk in you know you’re somewhere unique and special. The other keepers of books, Mary and David, remind us that literacy and love of the written word (not the electronically written word) are alive and well.

We can all keep our books fresh and exciting by frequenting our local bookstore. Bring your computer and plug in or pick up a couple of books to read on the overstuffed couch. As the staff often says, “INK, it’s the place to be.”

Laurie Burckin
Cedar Glen