The performance that the Coachella Valley Symphony Orchestra treated us to last Thursday evening [July 26] was truly memorable. They made the long trip to Idyllwild and gave it everything they had.

But what was also memorable was the audience talking and visiting with friends as if the music was getting in the way of their conversations.

And the noise from the playground was at most times at a feverish pitch and louder than the orchestra. Most parents seemed to see nothing wrong with the screaming, running, carrying on as if no one else was there.

Yes, I am a senior citizen but common courtesy, manners, regard for others is universal and knows no age.

Please, parents and others who only come to visit with friends, put yourselves in the performers’ place. Would you have wanted to give it your best when no one seemed to care?

Thank you for your beautiful, heart-felt performance, C.V. Symphony Orchestra! I have a feeling you won’t want to come back.

I don’t blame you.

Inge Austerman


  1. If a Concert Series attendee wants to really enjoy listening to whatever venue is performing on a given night under the stars–Then my suggestion to you, is to go to the Hollywood Bowl, Greek Theatre, Irvine Meadows and yes, I will also include, Leasure World’s Outdoor Amphatheatre in order to experience the sort of decorum a few grumblers of the geriatric persuasion seems to expect. Though as for the latter of the four mentioned locations, Leasure World’s Outdoor Amphitheatre, would be the more probable for your listening pleasure–As those folks in attendance, usually nod off halfway through the venue. But as for the Concerts In The Park, it is a venue for all ages to enjoy and will always be a relaxed gathering place for old friends to become reacquainted and new friendships to be made as great sounds from the array of performers taking the stage, fills the cool, summer night air on a weekly basis.

  2. Yet even though there may be a lot of chattering going on among many attending…they ARE also listening to the beat of the music–Which includes the kids playing at the playground next to the stage as well too. There have been a few little tykes dancin’ to the beat when a certain song or an instrumental piece catches their fancy. So just enjoy the Series while it lasts. For I have a feeling it may no longer be around in the not so distant future if the self appointed Pharaohs of Idyllwild get their way and build their very own monument called the Community Center on the spot where you now sit fo a couple of hours to enjoy a relaxed, cool, summer evening under the stars with friends.