Anger, fear and outrage are nagging symptoms experienced daily by American voters. Some citizens are currently convinced mayhem and destruction lurk at our border, and reliable media coverage is scarce. Even more believe an autocratic, inhumane leader threatens freedom, safety and the democratic process.
Until 2017, a system of checks and balances guaranteed crazy things didn’t happen at the highest level of power in the United States. The last two years have made it impossible not to be concerned, on an hourly basis, about what the president might assert, threat or do next.
Fortunately in 2019, there was a woman-led Blue Wave that created a slight, but significant, change in the balance of power. The Republican majority will continue to determine what laws are passed, but Democrats now have the ability to discuss, investigate and work on issues previously out of bounds to protect and appease the White House.
The third Idyllwild Women’s March will be held at noon Saturday, Jan. 19, at Harmony Monument. This year is an opportunity to celebrate a check on power at the highest level of government. There is reason to hope change will come, based on the steadfast determination of citizens who took action to balance the scale of justice. A first step in the new year is showing up this Saturday to demonstrate commitment and belief in positive change.
Elaine Bacher, Shelly Downes, Stacey Grant,
Rebecca Gunn, Lorrraine Kassarjian,
Susan F. Parker, Mary MacLaren Rider