The expanded outdoor plaza, called “Bulldog Plaza” Photos by J.P. Crumrine

Monday was the first day of school at Hemet School District. Idyllwild students attending Hemet High School entered an almost totally new environment.


In the past four years, the district has given its oldest high school a completely new look, including a state of the art theater complex.

The theater is only one of the new features that students encountered on their first day of school. A total of 41 new classrooms opened, replacing the former mobile temporary classrooms. That’s nearly half of the school’s classrooms that will be new and state of the art, including science rooms for chemistry and physics.

The total cost of the additions was more than $60 million and expanded the school nearly 20 percent.

According to Principal Dr. Emily Shaw, enrollment for this year already surpasses the district’s projection.

Inside the new Hemet High School theater, facing the stage area. The facility includes separate dressing rooms for boys and girls, indoor and outdoor scene rooms and a black box room adjacent to the theater.


A new chemistry classroom.