The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department conducted an intensive week of raids and interrogations in Idyllwild that resulted in 12 arrests. The police operation began Monday, Aug. 20 in response to a rapid escalation of property crimes in greater Idyllwild over the last year. Hemet Station’s Lt. Dean Agnoletto coordinated the action. By Monday, Aug. 27, 12 individuals, mostly local Hill residents, had been arrested and charged.

Each person was charged with suspicion of having committed a violation of the law. Subsequent court proceedings determine whether there will be convictions on the charges.

“We are building a case on the local burglaries,” said Hemet Station’s Sgt. Jim Wilson. “There are more persons of interest out there and there will be more arrests. These people are damaging their own community and we are going to find them.”

Two arrested on the first day of the sweep are already entered in the judicial system in Superior Court records. The more recent arrests are not yet in the system. Daniel Plott, arrested Monday, Aug. 20 remains in jail on $25,000 bail, charged with felony violation of probation and a narcotics violation. His next scheduled court appearance is on Tuesday, Aug. 28 at the Southwest Justice Center in Murrieta.

Harry Dennis, arrested the same day was released after pleading guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia. He was sentenced to pay court charges and restitution fines totaling $200.

Additional arrests, through Monday, Aug. 27 include seven persons arrested for suspected felonies and three for misdemeanors (see box listing those arrested for felonies). The three misdemeanor arrests include two men from Idyllwild charged with being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and one man from Cabazon charged with being in possession of burglary tools.

Wilson said there further investigations could lead to future felony charges for those arrested for misdemeanors as well as arrests of additional persons of interest. “Other leads are being developed and this operation will continue to unfold,” he said. “It’s important the community knows these are the people who are casing properties that are being broken into.”

On Monday, Aug. 27 deputies met with Idyllwild realtors to update them on the growing crime wave and how to “harden” homes they have listed or represent in order to prevent break-ins and thwart potential burglars.

Hemet Station deputies have also begun recovering stolen property from at least one location and are notifying owners if the property carries owner identification. One of the steps Wilson recommends to help expedite return of stolen property is to etch or inscribe valuables with name and or California driver’s license number, or if the item is boxed, at least print identification information on the box. That information has already led to the return to some owners of recently stolen property.

Arrested on suspicion of committing felonies:

Name Age Residence Charge
Harry Dennis 26 Idyllwild possession of stolen property
Micah Galusha 26 Idyllwild possession of narcotic paraphernalia and forgery
Corey Haggerty 30 Idyllwild possession of stolen property
Ray Hawkins 36 Idyllwild possession of a controlled substance
Jez Meyers 35 Anza burglary
Daniel Plott 43 Idyllwild probation violation and narcotics violation
Jill Sabine 49 San Jacinto possession of a controlled substance
Eilene Valenzuella 50 San Jacinto possession of a controlled substance
Randy Weiss 40 San Jacinto possession of a controlled substance
Monday, Aug. 27 Sheriff's deputies again on scene in Idyllwild after an operation that began on Monday Aug. 20. Photo by Marshall Smith


  1. Unfortunately, the 9 arrested on suspicion of committing felonies, are not that impressive. I predict (though I pray that I am wrong), 5 of the 7 newly arrested, will cop a plea to a lesser charge and be back on the street with just a hand slap and some probationary time. Not to mention, up to their old tricks again. As for Daniel Plott, he is in a very sticky situation and it may take some very shrewd dealings with the DA’s office for any hope of not doing any jail-time. Now as for Harry Dennis….It appeares he had miraculously dodged the proverbial bullet and was released after pleading guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia. Which 'tis a far, far cry from facing felony charges of possession of stolen property and maybe jail-time. Though he, is no saint either. It may be wise for Dennis, to keep a very low profile in Idyllwild for a good long while. As, there is an old adage which states; There is no honor among thieves and tweakers–Especially if it could mean, a deal can be offered and hopefully accepted by the DA’s office with results of doing extremely little or no jail-time in return. For someone, if not all, will be singing like a canary and pointing fingers.

    • How come Ray Hawkins did not get booked or even spend a minute in jail after his arrest? His three guests he had over from San Jacinto were all booked and charged but not Ray. Respect your family name more and of all weekends you pick the Jazzfest to get caught up with the tweaker mess?

    • He’s a snitch! I’ve seen him creepin around before in lower Fern Valley. I don’t trust that lil thief or his jailbird sister April Dennis(who is finally doing some county jailtime after getting in trouble and arrested numerous times for drugs and robberies and never doing anything under the terms of her probation ever).

      How about Ronnie Kimmerle(that we love to hate so much?) and Taylor Dravenstratt? It was easy to forget about maybe some wrongly accused persons?

  2. In a few words: WELCOME TO MAYBERRY RFD's Sheriff's Dept.! One of the more recent commanders of the Hemet Station corresponded with me and impressed me with his sense of cooperation and sensitivity to the problems of Idyllwild. He gave me his email address whereupon when I contacted him HE NEVER RESPONDED TO MY EMAILS. Do not expect much of this new Lt. Agnoletoo…Blah blah blah and then the same ole same ole. The petty criminals up here know all of this and know how to handle the sheriff{s department and do it quite well. Keep in mind that some businesses up here knowingly hire felons and other petty criminals at a discounted rate! These same persons could be visiting your home on business and then later revisiting your location. I seriously doubt that there will be many successful prosecutions as a result of incompetent investigations and prosecutorial ineptness. Those pics in the Crier look impressive and lead one to believe they are making progress…NOT!!!!

  3. What an upstanding group of individuals we have living next to our proud school. Good to know the scum of idy can be found in one location, right next to where our children spend their days. Good citizens of Idyllwild, I think we have taken enough!

  4. Can someone PLEASE explain to my how Art DeRoss has escaped from the list of arrestees? I mean COME ON folks…he is the leasee of that crap hole, he is allowing the drugs, disgraceful display of broken cars, and the never ending yard sales of junk? The PROPERTY owner is RIGHT NEXT DOOR (the one that get his driveway repaved EVERY year). Personally, if he evicted that garbage, and property owners declined thier applications, they would move DOWN the hill where they belong. BTW…Ronnies next court date is 9/11-lets hope that freedom DOESN'T ring for that animal abusing POS.