I’m sorry. You have reached a number that is disconnected. If you are trying to reach the Animal Rescue Friends of Idyllwild, they are no longer in service. Due to lack of donations and volunteers, ARF will not be open and all calls will be forwarded to Animal Control. Good luck.

Is this true? No. Could it ever be true? Yes.

ARF is a small rescue, not a shelter, dedicated to the rescue of locally lost, unwanted and abandoned pets.

This vision is carried out by a small handful of volunteers. The generous donations from our community, grants, and fundraisers cover our yearly budget. We do survive from year to year. There is no promise that our doors will stay open without the dedication of our supporters.

Our beliefs and goals lean heavily towards the positive, using calm assertive energy when needed, both with the humans and the four-leggeds. Negativity is not tolerated in our organization, towards other humans or animals. Which includes verbal abuse, vicious behavior, slander, physical contact, threats and idyll “wild” gossip.

Our primary job is to ensure a rescued cat or dog is adoptable. We do this through positive training, love, kindness, health care, endless hours of administrative duties, walks, leash training, foster reviews, home inspections, and an emotional investment as well.

We will not welcome anyone who cannot abide by this mission.

They will not be welcomed at the ARF house, be involved in ARF events, and nor will their donations be accepted.

This negative energy is sensed immediately by our animals, and that takes us four-paws back.

The decisions we conclude are based on discussion, intelligence, positive reinforcement, and ultimately, what is best for our ARF orphans.

And the mayoral race was just that — a positive “fun”draiser for the community and its animals. The end result was a successful fundraiser for ARF and a four-legged representative for ARF for the year.

Idyllwild now has Mayor Max, which put us on the map, and a human spokesperson for ARF. Her loyalty to the rescue is never ending, her energy is positive, and her networking skills and time spent are commendable.

We can’t make everyone happy. In one breath, I’m hearing that all of that campaign money for Max should have been given to ARF. But the next breath contradicts that — arguing she should have not been allowed to give so much money to ARF.

Her continuing support is shown monthly with updates of where the ARF mayor has been and what education he is giving to the community. It’s not all about “Max” it’s all about Max being the spokesdog for ARF.

Regardless of the physical contact, slander, and vicious remarks thrown at her, Max’s human stands for ARF.

So, freedom of speech is what brought this on. I just ask that before you speak, make yourself aware of the whole story, because we have more important things on our agenda than babysitting. Our animals need our attention, and truthfully, I’d rather spend it with them.

Some people talk to their animals.

Not many listen though.That’s the problem.

Maria Lehman
Director of Operations of ARF