In a recent Town Crier article, Sue Nash of the Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council was quoted as saying, “We’re terrified … Everyone wants this.” Did she mean everybody at her Mountain Communities Fire Council is terrified, or that everyone that lives on the Hill is? If she means everyone in Idyllwild and Pine Cove is terrified, she’s wrong.

I’m not terrified. I have a lot of friends up here and they’re not terrified. My family and lots of associates and neighbors; they’re not terrified. We are very happy living here and feel much safer here than living in a city; much less risk than big-city traffic, crime, violence and air pollution.

MCFSC is trying to put on us a new law with new taxes and heavy burdens on everybody; new laws, new codes, new restrictions and new taxes. And they are trying to do this without a vote from the people. They are talking about each one of us paying inspectors and enforcers (a whole staff of them), strict new laws and heavy penalties for any missteps — inspectors going to each and every home and us paying for them. And not even giving us the chance to vote on it.

Aren’t we paying enough taxes already? Property taxes are going up. We’re already paying a new fire tax each year.

Why can’t we vote on it? If what they’re doing is for the community, why can’t the community vote on it? We can’t even vote on who is running MCFSC. They appoint themselves.

Shari Fae