ARF is definitely accepting donations, just not from Madelaine Barnett Cresswell. This is because of Madelaine’s very poor behavior regarding the election.

I was recently contacted by ARF who let me know that they are no longer associating with Madelaine due to her very poor behavior since the election. They did not tell me what Madelaine did to lose her status at ARF, but I personally witnessed her causing scenes, ranting, and telling lies at both the 4th of July parade and also at the inauguration. Others have also called me and apologized for her behavior.

Madelaine didn’t like losing the election, and all this post-election drama she is causing is just proving that more and more. Had she won the election for Hogan, there wouldn’t have been a peep.

Madelaine continues to intentionally harm ARF by publishing false statements in the newspaper. Of course ARF is accepting donations. I have continued to donate to ARF since the election, and the donations have been warmly received. You can easily prove this to yourself by stopping by ARF with a donation or mailing one in.

Please remember this always: Positive energy leads towards life. Negative energy leads towards death. Madelaine has continued to create negative energy for ARF. They are right to sever their connection.

Phyllis Mueller


  1. Ms. Mueller- though we have never met I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for all your efforts in the Mayoral election and after. You took what would have been an OK fundraiser and made it into a truly fun event, while helping to raise thousands of much needed monies for ARF. Your enthusiasm for the election was contagious, and was matched by the other campaigns and candidates and supporters.
    Not everyone could equal Max's campaign war chest, but let's face it, money is the mother's milk of politics and is never considered a disqualifier (unless it comes from the Chinese chicken jerky cartel) .All the candidates, whatever their level of fundraising were in the race to win it.
    Everybody I spoke to really got a kick out of the whole thing. Our county supervisor endorsed a candidate! KTLA had a news story about the election (and gave much needed publicity to Idyllwild). LIFE with DOGS, a popular web site and facebook page with over 423,000 likes devoted a story to the results. The PE had a column about Mayor Max. Google mayoral election Idyllwild and see all the hits. Nothing but positive stories and great publicity for our little town.
    I'm sorry you had to endure the attacks by Madelaine Barnett Cresswell (whom I've never met). I suspect that Hogan, our vice mayor, is probably pretty embarrassed by his manager's/ people person's conduct. Hell, I'm embarrassed for her and I don't even know her! Oh well, typical Idyllwild)
    Keep up the great work with our esteemed Mayor and I look forward to Mayor Max's next report in the Town Crier .

    • Dear Pine Cove Tony, Thank you so much for the kind words which are greatly appreciated by myself, my husband, and Max. We would love to meet you, and we are always out and about in town, so please introduce yourself. Also, all of Max's contact information is on his web site at, so feel free to call us at any time. We are happy you like the updates. We are having lots of fun creatng them, and the next one is coming out soon!