So far, the NRA continues to stay relatively quiet after each mass shooting.  The NRA is missing an opportunity.  Americans from all walks of life realize something is amiss in our society. A society that has created the opportunity for maligned or mentally ill individuals to access a higher level of fire power killing and maiming our neighbors, friends and family.  If the NRA prides itself in gun safety, in protecting the rights of gun owners and the personal safety of law abiding American citizen as a whole, then doesn’t it makes sense that it facilitate legislation for the safety of all Americans, gun and non-gun owners?  It is time for the NRA to be part of America’s needs in finding solutions to reducing gun violence. If not, the NRA will continue to alienate itself to more and more Americans. All in the name of protecting broad personal gun rights.

I am in support of the second amendment and the right to own guns. As a retired peace officer and a veteran I know I am not part of a “well-regulated militia.” I also know I don’t need a military style assault weapon with large capacity magazine to protect my home and family.  Simply put, the NRA could and should change its uncompromising position and begin to address public safety by working with legislators in closing loop holes in background checks and the acquisition of military style weapons.  Weapons designed to primarily to kill humans. Gun violence has many contributing elements and factors. To reduce gun violence numerous solutions from all disciplines should be explored, including the expertise of from state and federal government, study groups, and the NRA.

One can agree or disagree on the gun debate but death is final and so is the maiming of shooting survivors.  How many more of our citizens have to die or be maimed, before society reduces the proliferation of killing options for the individual? The NRA can be part of the solution, a Hero, or continue to be “stuck” in the past, when society wasn’t faced with the challenges of today,

Roland Gaebert