Many supporters of Mountain Quilter of Idyllwild and Anza Quilter took photos of some of their favorite work at the Annual Quilt Show at Buckhorn Camp. Dozens of quilts were on display, as well as activities for all ages. Photo by Jenny Kirchner


A panoramic project, done by 14 of the Guild members of the Mountain Quilters, created their own personal vistas of the San Jacinto Mountains. A series of photographs by photographer Ross-Clunis stretched the 180 –degree ridgeline from Suicide Rock to Tahquitz Mountain and melded together to create a panorama. It was separated into 14 different pieces for each Guild members to use for their section of their quilting panorama. After the show, the panorama project will be hung in the new Idyllwild Library. Photo by Jenny Kirchner


Jerry Nielson of Beaumont, McKenzie Brunner of Cyprus and Remmik Nielson of Beaumont participated in the “mystery quilts” hunt. Throughout the show, a particular geometric pattern was hidden in various quilts. If they were all located and totaled correctly, participants could enter to win prizes. Photo by Jenny Kirchner


Cassie Bell, 4 of San Diego filled out a square for Blocks for the Brave. These squares are quilted together and given to veterans of the various branches of the military. To date, over 150 quilts have been made and given to veterans. Photo by Jenny Kirchner


Security Quilts are also one of the many projects that the Mountain Quilters provide to those in need. These quilts are given to various organizations to comfort those in need, including shelters or people from displaced homes. To date, over 1,000 quilts have been provided. Photo by Jenny Kirchner


Guild member Carmen Curiel-Terrazas and Toni Berthelotte fill out tickets to put in the many raffle drawings available during the Annual Quilt Show at Buckhorn Camp over the weekend. Photo by Jenny Kirchner


Dave Fraser, Army (1986-1997), Traci Philippi, Army (1966-1970) and Gary Markus, Marines (1965-1975) were the veterans that were awarded quilts on Saturday at Buckhorn Camp for their service. Photo by Jenny Kirchner