Technically, this is not a letter to the editor. Some may view it as “Another point of view.” I received it from Doris Lombard, who wrote, “A poem from an Idyllwild School ex-student of mine on learning he has colon cancer.” Whatever we label it, this poem came from the soul. Since we have several local groups supporting current and past cancer patients, I requested permission to share these thoughts with the whole community.

In response, the author Glenn Brock wrote to Doris, “I am glad you liked my poem. I would be happy to let Mr. Crumrine print it. It would be an honor. I would like to share it with others who are fighting this terrible disease.”

By Harold Glenn Brock III
October, 24, 2012

So, now we have met.
I know that you grow
inside me,
threatening to take
all that I hold dear.

I have heard about you,
and the terrible things
you do to so many lives,
and now you have come
to try to damage mine.

I know you are formidable,
with a proven track record.
You are evil, through and through.
You have come to take
what does not belong to you.

Challenge accepted.

I will let you know
the weapons I will use
in this battle
you have instigated.

You have seen them before, ...

I will use humor, both
light and dark,
for my laughter, and the
laughter of others,
is painful to your existence.

I will use intelligence,
I will know everything about you.
I will find methods,
common and uncommon,
for you can change, but so can I, ...

I will use love.

My forces will surround me
with good thoughts and well wishes
because love is your worst enemy.
You can only take, but love can only give, ...

On this day, at this time,
I hereby declare
I am at war with you.
You are my sworn enemy,
and I will do everything in my power, ...

... to defeat you.