Back in 2007, as I was grieving the passing of my beloved orange female tabby cat Sesame, Jane from Animal Rescue Friends of Idyllwild said to me, “When you’re ready, there’s this wonderful orange cat named Pierre I’d like you to meet.”

Eleven years ago today, Feb. 9, I walked into ARF, said “Hi, Pierre,” and he started purring and “making biscuits” (kneading). It was love at first sight. He was absolutely the right cat to help me with my grief — he constantly makes me laugh.

After filling out the adoption paperwork and getting approved, I came back with a cat carrier and Pierre, who was perched regally atop a bookcase, jumped down, came over and jumped onto my lap. I was very honored. The staff told me Pierre had been there six months, and they were ready to keep him as the resident cat if he didn’t find his forever home soon.

Pierre then jumped down off my lap, walked over to the open carrier I had brought, went in, laid down and indicated to us in no uncertain terms that he was ready for his new life.

Eleven years later, I love him more than words can ever say, and he continues to light up my life every day. This handsome, confident, magnificent cat enjoys watching squirrels, birds, raccoons, deer and many other fascinating things from the floor-to-ceiling windows in our Seattle home in the forest. He has graciously accepted a “brother,” a tuxedo kitty we named Moonlight; they wrestle, play and groom each other, play chase, and are the best of buddies. A brown-and-white tabby “sister,” Madeleine, also joined our family three years ago when her elderly humans passed away. They all get along wonderfully, and Pierre enjoys his status as alpha cat.

I appreciate ARF for bringing Pierre and me together, and for all the wonderful work they do.

Cindy Marzolf

Seattle, Washington