The Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce recently transferred the deed to Town Hall back to the Johnson family. The Chamber had held the deed, in trust for the town and community recreation, for just over 60 years, from the time in 1952 when Gerald Johnson deeded it to them.

But owing to the need for repairs and maintenance, which the Chamber feels it cannot perform, it returned the structure to the Johnsons who have always held a reversionary interest.

Jay and Steve Johnson’s intention is to deed it to the county, while retaining their same reversionary interest. Jay noted the county is in the best position to repair the facility. He said that deeding it to the county ensures the building and land will remain public and held in trust for the community while it will always be used for recreation. Referring to what the county accomplished in building a new library for the town, Johnson said the county would make needed upgrades.

The Johnsons meet with Third District Supervisor Jeff Stone and county legal staff to work out details of the transfer Thursday, Nov. 29.

Stone has noted that the county’s intention is to expand recreational opportunities for the Hill and he believes there would be enough programs to fill both a renovated Town Hall and a new community center.