As a doctor of chiropractic (DC), I’m on Barry J. Fox’s side. If I were him, I’d be frustrated, too.

Why is it that he has to have sub-standard chiropractic benefits after serving our country? Why is it that the state and federally licensed DC right next door can’t give him the care he needs? Why is his pain and suffering neglected by the VA when literally thousands of DCs would be happy to treat him?

I can tell you this; It isn’t the DCs that are the problem. For 100-plus years, DCs have been trying to be included on a level playing field (Google “any willing provider” bills) and every  campaigning president or senator says an even playing field will be included in the next health care bill/budget.

But Reagan didn’t do it, all the way to Obama didn’t do it, and that’s just in my career timeline.

Unfortunately, the VA Choice monies have dried up and are gone as of January 2018.

There were only six DCs out of 5,000 in all of Southern California who jumped through multiple hoops and fees to sign up for the program. None of them have been overwhelmed with the results for the veterans: minimal coverage, number of visits strictly limited, usually below-published guidelines, mounds of paperwork, post-treatment denials and often weeks of waiting after the VA doc appointment to get the treatment authorization.

Tell you what. Any veteran who lacks insurance and needs chiropractic care from now until the end of March, I will treat you for a minimal “co-pay” instead of the full cash fee — as many treatments as you need at a pittance a pop (pun intended). Veterans only and only until the end of March.

Charles Schelly, DC