Town Hall Sports Coordinator Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Adult volleyball for the week of Dec. 3.

Town Hall adult volleyball got started last week with a rematch of last year’s championship game between the Idyllwild Garage and Silver Pines Lodge. Idyllwild Garage won the match last year for their second consecutive championship.

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball is now in full swing as opposing teams take to the net. Games will be held at Idyllwild School.
This season, Idyllwild Garage came out swinging as Kyle Owen had several nice kills and served great. The Garage took the first two games of the best of five match.

Silver Pines didn’t falter and bounced back to take the next two games as Luke Anderson played above the net.

The fifth and tie-breaking game went back and fourth until Silver Pines finished off the nice comeback win (16-25, 23-25, 28-26, 25-19, 15-13).

Michelle Adler, playing for Forest Lumber, serves the volleyball Wednesday night at Idyllwild School. Photos by Jenny Kirchner
On Tuesday, Idyllwild Chevron took on the Idyllwild Inn. Chevron trailed much of the first game but came through in the end to take the first game. Idyllwild Inn played short-handed but played tough as Josh White had some nice back row hits. Chevron’s Tyla Friemoth played great digging and setting up the hitters as Chevron won the match (26-24, 25-22, 23-25, 25-22).

Wednesday’s game paired Forest Lumber and The Red Kettle. Forest Lumber played great defense early as they took the first game. Michelle Brower played great serving and setting for Forest Lumber. Ginger Dagnall played hard for the Red Kettle, getting nice hits and setting for her teammates. Forest Lumber won the match (25-17, 25-5, 25-11).

On Thursday, Idyllwild Chevron met Idyllwild Garage in the border war game. The first game was close all the way as Brennen Priefer for Chevron and Greg Breyer for the Garage traded nice hits back and fourth. The Garage went on to win the first two games. Chevron won the third game, but the Garage put the match away in the fourth game as they went on to win the match (25-20, 25-9, 23-25, 25-20).


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