Nancy Borchers Photo by Marshall Smith
Nancy Borchers, a Pine Cove resident, has been an avid fan of the Idyllwild CinemaFest since it began in 2010. She has once again agreed to share her thoughts about the ICF with readers in a Town Crier exclusive blog.

Borchers provided comments and opinions for the 2011 Festival too. Here’s a sample of Nancy’s insight:

“’Coyote Hunt’ was way too short. I can watch Director Melissa Townsend’s work all day. I enjoyed her ‘Poet Soldier’ last year [2010] and was especially anticipating her work this year. I realize that to be a ‘short’ there are some very rigid time constraints. I loved ‘Coyote Hunt’ and it left me wanting more.

“We saw ‘Cut From Home’ next and up until the last 30 minutes it was interesting though hard to follow,” Borchers said. “I’d like the writers of this film to know that there are other words in the English language besides ‘f**k.’”

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