I can’t understand why the California Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to kill bobcats and foxes.

They will be offering classes to do just that next month.

As far as I know, neither bobcats nor foxes present a threat to humans and their numbers are actually declining, so why is the Department of Fish and Wildlife offering workshops in how to best kill these animals in the San Jacinto Mountains?

These workshops will start next month. It seems to me that this kind of nonsense and waste of resources never ends.

Thomas R. Tefft
Palm Desert

Editor’s note: The clinic to which Mr. Tefft refers is scheduled for Feb. 16 at the San Jacinto Wildlife Area. Registration forms are available at www.dfg.ca.gov/huntered/advanced/predatorhunting.aspx. A contact is Lt. Dan Lehman, CDFW Hunter Education Program, (916) 358-4356.