Mike Naggar, Temcula’s mayor. Photo courtesy of Mike Naggar
Temecula Mayor Mike Naggar has already announced that he would like to succeed 3rd District Supervisor Jeff Stone, whose third term ends in December 2016.

Naggar has been on the Temecula City Council since 1999 and his current term also ends in 2016. But his involvement in several regional task forces has whet his appetite to get involved in county government.

For example, in January, he helped organize the Youth, Family and Health Regional Task Force and has been involved in a countywide autism task force and a southwest county hospital task force as well.

Naggar has visited Idyllwild often and plans to return. “I definitely want to hear what’s important to the community,” he said.

He compared the Idyllwild community’s turnout to build the playground at the Idyllwild Community Center site to Temecula. “It’s a very close community, given the population is greater than 100,000. We manage to work for a plethora of issues.

“We employ a lot of non-profits and churches for a spate of services,” he explained. “They do so much for our community.”

When asked how he would address the county’s financial condition, Naggar replied, “First, I would not presuppose a lot of specific ideas.” Eventually, the decision will be more revenue or cut expenses, he said. “I’ll get out there and speak to the people.”

His view, he stressed, is to allow the community’s needs to set the priorities. He would find efficient ways to implement local goals.

“When people like the job, they feel empowered to make effective decisions and do great things,” he said. “People want government out of their life, but want to serve the community. I’m very comfortable as mayor to help them do it.”

His own view of local priorities place public safety and job growth at the top. “That’s what we do, balance the budget,” he concluded. “Good old fashioned government.”