After more than 66,000 annual parcel inspections, the Riverside County Fire Department Hazard Reduction Office has issued about 9,500 Notices of Violation and Order to Abate to vacant-parcel owners within recurring targeted unincorporated areas in Riverside County.

Supported by Riverside County Ordinance 695.4, those parcel owners that received a NOV are required to clear their parcel(s) of weeds and hazardous vegetation as per the requirements set forth in the notice.

As an additional fire safety measure, Riverside County Fire Chief John R. Hawkins has implemented a proclamation suspending open burning in all state and local responsibility areas within the county. The order was effective 6 a.m., Saturday, May 25.

The Riverside County Fire Department website,, provides a multitude of resources for proper parcel clearance, including:

  • Hazard abatement guidelines
  • County contractor list for abatement
  • Proper equipment use
  • County ordinances pertaining to hazard abatement

In addition to suspension of open burning, these areas are also subject to the following restrictions:

  • Campfires are restricted to within established campfire facilities located in established campgrounds open to the public.
  • Agricultural burning in the Palo Verde Valley and Coachella Valley is authorized as required for agricultural rehabilitation.
  • Cooking fires with a valid permit are permitted when no alternative means of cooking is available and require an on-site inspection prior to the issuance of a permit.
  • Warming fires are permitted after an on-site inspection prior to the issuance of a permit when weather conditions exist to justify the request.