While Nancy Huber and others may find Western music attractive, others do not like it and would rather not be forced to hear it.

I was glad to hear that at least three phone complaints came to Jo’An’s about the loudness of the music.

If Jo’An’s actually cares about Idyllwild, what they should do is go out in the street around the restaurant. If they hear the music, then it is too loud and intrusive.

I and others have simply left the Idyllwild center of town, shopping, etc. because of the loudness of Jo’An’s.

I don’t like Country-Western music, nor do I enjoy nostalgic songs from the 60s and 70s. I’m sure there are kinds of music that Jo’An would prefer not to hear, so why not have a bit of social consciousness and not force their music on the whole center of town?

I guess we are in for more letters about Jo’An’s, like years gone by, and the noise they make.

Michael Rasson
Idyllwild/Santa Monica


  1. One of the reasons my wife and I started and continued to come to Idyllwild was the fact we could sit and have lunch and enjoy some music. we enjoyed the atmosphere so much we just purchased a home up here. while I can understand that the music sometimes may not be your cup of tea it does draw people to town who spend money supporting the town and business here. next time you think its too loud maybe instead of a phone call a nice face to face between neighbors would be a better thing.

    Eric Bean