I was hanging out in the gnome shop at The Fort in Idyllwild Sunday morning and it came to me why the president is meeting with the North Korean dictator. It’s obvious, once you think about it.

Mr. Trump stated a while back that he wants to have a grand parade in DC to honor our military. Well, after watching all of the recent film out of North Korea, it’s obvious that he’s going there to take copious notes on how to put on a grandiose, over the top, military parade as good as the North Koreans do. It’s not about nukes, it’s about parades.

You know, it amazes me how badly the media has been reporting on the actions of this president; it’s sad, really. For the past eight years, most conservatives bit their collective tongues while the previous administration was allowed to severely erode the moral fabric of this nation. Donald Trump, in spite of his unique, non-political quirks, is making a lot of the right moves to right this listing ship called America, not the least of which is moving a U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and fixing our previously anemic economy.

And if you think I was serious about the parade thing, then you’ve missed the point about the off-beat type of humor that’s often imbedded in our president’s speeches, and I’d suggest you lighten up a little bit. My suggestion would be that you “Resist the resistance” and trade your “Resist” bumper sticker for one that says “Respect.”

And try and give him a little. The man loves this country and it shows with his decisions. And if you can just step back a little and listen, you’ll hear it.

Mark Dean

Pine Cove