Thoughts on JP’s “Many refused to vote …” article:

I was intrigued by two back-to-back full-page ads on the back page of the Town Crier asking folks to write in “Cal Fire” in the recent election.

What puzzled me was reading the election returns and seeing that 100 percent of the votes were dispersed among the listed candidates. I couldn’t believe that zero (0) votes went to the write-in Cal Fire.

This article sheds light on my confusion but still leaves me frustrated not knowing how many voters pulled the handle for Cal Fire.

I’m wanting the answer to just how many made the protest vote. Since those votes weren’t announced doesn’t it make anyone else feel cheated?

I’m a Pine Cove resident, but I’d like to know, if only to see the persuasiveness and/or effectiveness of the ad.

Mark Dean
Pine Cove