I was saddened to hear of the dissolution of the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce.

I understand the reasons and am appalled. I understand that they must rid themselves of all assets to finalize this action. What a sad event for our community.

The Chamber of Commerce, one of our most valuable volunteer organizations, has been struggling for years, what with one problem or another. This organization is the chief source of information for our commercial community.

Since this area is a destination for so many tourists who wish to enjoy our climate, activities, shops and inns, it is indeed a tragedy for an organization so involved with tourism to end like this.

Every time I pass the dis-Harmony Monument I am reminded of the greed, duplicity, hubris and cowardice of those involved. When I drive down Highway 243 and see the workplace of the author of this perfidy, I can easily understand why the Chamber would want to remove dis-Harmony from our midst.

I hope they can sell it to recoup some of the expenses demanded by the law suit that has been dismissed “with prejudice.” The “with prejudice” label means that the suit cannot be brought again due to the lack of merit.

Please rid us of this symbol of greed, not of harmony.

And then there is the IFPD. Don’t tell me that some of the firefighters didn’t notice their paychecks had gone up mysteriously $450 to $750 dollars. Especially after they had so publicly and “nobly” taken a pay cut to stay within the budget.

I know they are very conscious about money since the first question they asked a patient on May 8 was not “What can we do for you?” or “What is your name?” but “How are you going to pay for this call?”

I was at Café Aroma May 4, when there was a medical emergency. One of the people at my table bet that CAL FIRE Station 23 in Pine Cove would arrive there before IFPD. She was right.

Maybe IFPD got the address wrong since they are so bad with numbers. If we can’t trust the IFPD with our money, how can we trust them with our homes and our lives?

Nancy Borchers
Pine Cove