I am an artist, and as an artist, I can appreciate the intent behind the proposed light projection on Tahquitz Rock. It will no doubt be spectacular, although the evening light hitting its surface for me is sufficient.

I definitely don’t hold the same romantic views of Tahquitz as a previous writer, however, as a thinking, feeling artist, I know I have an obligation to be aware of the social, cultural and aesthetic ramifications of what I bring into the world.

I am not qualified to be a spokesperson for the native people in this area, but I feel this project could be seen as culturally insensitive, and smacking of appropriation. I’m sure it was planned in all innocence, and as a remembrance to a loved one, but at the same time, we need to remember what this rock means to those in this area who were displaced, and perhaps, because of this project, feel displaced again.

David Reid-Marr