The new Idyllwild Historic Preservation District Local Review Board is working hard to establish operating procedures so it can soon begin the essence of its purpose — reviews of proposed alterations to local historic properties within the district.

At its May 23 meeting, the board adopted the County’s policy A-21, “Advisory boards, commissions and committees,” as guidelines for conducting business.

Then it recommended a set of design guidelines to the County Planning Department for use with future permit applications associated with historic properties within the Idyllwild district.

The board also reviewed the Historic Preservation Plan and a draft historic alteration permit, which it has worked to reduce from 14 pages to four.

“The plan has to be approved by the Board and then adopted by the Planning Department to use with permit applications,” Board President Warren Monroe said and County Historic Preservation Officer Keith Herron confirmed.

The board also is considering a tour of the Historic District before a future meeting.