The Idyllwild Community Center/San Jacinto Mountain Community Center will celebrate the first birthday of its popular Idyllwild Playground from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, June 8.

In addition to live entertainment, everyone is promised a piece of birthday cake. Hosts for the celebration will be Dawn Sonnier of the ICC Program and Activities Committee and Becky Clark of the ICC Building Campaign Committee.

Games, lunch and photos of the 2012 event, the community construction of the playground, will be available throughout the site.

Once again, virtual tours of the proposed Community Center will be offered to attendees. The site will be staked and taped with location signs for future facilities — activity center, teen center, kitchen, dining terrace, amphitheater, lobby, restrooms and office.

Attendees may remember it fondly and have the opportunity to volunteer again to build the community center. Volunteers may offer monetary donations, in-kind contributions and/or time, such as June 2012 when the community came out to help build the playground.

Last year, more than 800 people volunteered and helped in a multitude of ways to complete the playground for dedication on Father’s Day.

Architect Jim Marsh will be at the party as well as members of the Building Campaign Committee, Bill Sanborn, Jeri Sue Haney, Marge Muir, Suzy Capparelli, Janice Lyle and Clark.