Where does a dog go who has escaped out of his yard? Why, the lumber yard of course. And that’s just what Charlie Brown the Anatolian shepherd mix did. He just sat down behind the counter and decided he had had enough of the strolling around, after only a couple of hours. Glad you are home.

Now Sophie, the Belgian Malinois, had a much different idea. After escaping from her boarding facility in Idyllwild, she decided to stay on the run for almost two weeks. She finally gave it up and is safe and home.

Adopted this week and on his way to the beach is our Charlie, the Jack Russell mix. Paws up to you, good boy.

Ladybug, Bulldozer and Bruce were found at the transfer station. So we are recycling them back into the community. Ladybug is a German shepherd/husky-mix who loves to be near her companion. Bulldozer, a young lab-mix needs a fast-paced, energetic home; great on hikes and rock climbing, and an absolute water lover. And little Bruce, the Chihuahua, is good with other dogs and cats, and is just an all around good boy. They don’t know why they were left, but they are happy to be at ARF.

Tippycanoe, Tyler II, Tutti Frutti, Teddy Bear and T. Rex. Come in to ARF and get your kitty love, three males and two females. They will be ready for their new adventure into your home this week. Hurry, these bundles of fur won’t last long. They are all 8 weeks old and properly trained by a very good mama who has been adopted. Boomer, the male orange tabby kitten, is still waiting for his forever home. He is the last of Sunkist’s litter.

Seiger, the purebred German shepherd, is currently doing well after surgery. For info and updates, please log on to our website, www.arfidyllwild.weebly.com, and click on the Facebook link for updates and donation links. Thank you.

ARF has many cats and dogs available for adoption or fostering. Go to www.arfidyllwild.weebly.com and click on Petfinder. All pets are spayed, neutered and current on shots. ARF is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sundays. Call (951) 659-1122 or email [email protected] for appointment on any other day.

Creature corner is sponsored by Sponsored by Roxi du Dog & her new BFF, Dusty, now safe forever. To sponsor the column, call Shane Fender at the Town Crier, 659-2145.