Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats discussed the services offered by ARF to pet guardians.

Zeus: Kitten alert!    

Bear: More kittens, again? Really?

Zeus: Yes, sir. ARF took in three kittens and their mama, but the mama will head back to the family from where they came.  

Whiskers: So, there are three kittens waiting for their forever homes, right?  

Zeus: Sort of. They won’t be ready to go until Aug. 17, but the black and white little girl has already been spoken for.

Whiskers: And the other two?

Pepper: I understand that interested humans may fill out applications and put down deposits.  

Sadie: Yes, for the two boy kittens. 

Pepper: I also saw a dog in here last weekend. Was I imagining things? 

Zeus: No, you weren’t. ARF also took in Sophie, a beautiful French Bulldog, but before you knew it, she was adopted.    

Pepper: No way!   

Zeus: She had about five applicants who wanted her.      

Bear: Since all the dogs are being adopted so very quickly, how does any potential adopter ever stand a chance?

Heavenly Whiskers:  People looking to adopt a dog should probably complete a “looking for” form here at ARF. It is then hung on a board and all the forms are checked immediately whenever ARF takes in a dog. The people who complete the forms are contacted right away if the dog meets their descriptions. 

Zeus: That makes sense. How does a person do this?

Bear: The easiest way is to call ARF and let them know. They will complete the form and hang it, then the waiting begins!

Pepper: And folks who want a furry four-legged should keep checking the ARF Facebook page or the ARF website. 

Be sure to keep up with the animal antics of “Days of Our Nine Lives” each week. Please stop in to say hello to the entire adoptable cast at the ARF House, 26890 Highway 243 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturdays and from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Sundays, or by appointment Monday-Friday by calling 951-659-1122. 

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