By Janice Murasko
Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats met the new dog Tiny, puppy Newman, and cats Magic and Garfield.
Phil: And the hits just keep on comin’!
Harley: What do you mean?
Phil: Better get ready to take notes on this one. Three cats have been adopted; Garfield, Lola and Paisley!
Whiskers: Holy catnip! That’s wonderful.
Phil: But wait! There’s more. The puppy Newman also was adopted.
Tiny: But I’m still here. I hope I haven’t frightened off potential adopters because of my very limited vision. You now, I still play, cuddle and move around as if I were any other adorable, friendly dog.
Pepper: It’s so true! Juvenile cataracts just aren’t fair, but Tiny, you seem to be perfectly fine.
Tiny: I am! And I will make the perfect companion for a loving human who offers his or her lap.
Harley: And I heard ARF has another new cat, Angeli.
Angeli: (bounding into the room) Yep! I’m the new cat.
Phil: Welcome to our cattery. I see you’re a beautiful calico.
Angeli: Thank you. And you know, I’m very friendly and I love to meet people. Other cats are usually OK, too.
Magic: I’m sad because my buddy Garfield is gone, but I’m very happy he has a forever family.
Pepper: We have volunteers who now come in just to visit with us cats.
Angeli: Yes! They visited with me last weekend. It was so very nice. But this Sunday ARF will be closed.
Don: I really like visiting with humans, as do the other cats.