De Eskew, newest PCWD director. Photo by J.P. Crumrine

On July 10, the Pine Cove Water District Board of Directors elected Diana “De” Eskew to fill the remainder of former President Tom McCullough’s term through December 2015. The following is an interview with Eskew on her views about the District and water issues.

TC: Why join the water board?

DE: “I’ve lived and worked here more than 18 years,” Eskew said. “The only thing I haven’t done is get involved with local groups.” So knowing the board was filling a vacancy, Eskew decided to get involved. In addition, she noted, “I think they needed a woman on the board.” Her four colleagues are all males.

TC: What are your goals?

DE: Just beginning her water board tenure, Eskew said she has much to learn about the district and its operations. But one issue that recently came up is the water needs for the Stonewood community just north of Pine Cove’s boundary. She plans to learn more about this topic.

TC: What’s your view of PCWD?

DE: “Pine Cove [Water District] has the best water, absolutely best, on the Hill,” she said enthusiastically and proudly. “When I worked in Idyllwild, I used a filter or drank bottled water. At home, I just drink out of the faucet.”

She attributes this to the effort of General Manager Jerry Holldber and his staff.

TC: Do you have any concern about water supply?

While Eskew is aware that Idyllwild Water District is entering a Stage 2 conservation effort in September, she urges Pine Cove residents to continue to conserve.

She expressed confidence that Holldber would keep the board informed about the district’s water conditions.

“Everybody in Pine Cove tries to conserve, which is the reason we don’t have any major conservation emergency,” she said.

TC: Your thoughts about water rates?

DE: “This may be unpopular, but in Pine Cove, we’re getting a lot more than we’re paying for,” she said without hesitation.

In conclusion, Eskew said she is happy to have the opportunity to serve and as she learns more, she hopes she can extend this opportunity. She also encouraged residents to attend the board meetings at 10 a.m. the second Wednesday of each month, although she recognizes that is difficult for those with full-time jobs.