At Tuesday’s meeting, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved a lease agreement between the Idyllwild Water District and the county Regional Park and Open-space District.

The agreement allows IWD to construct a 300,000-gallon storage tank on a 150-foot square pad, which will be on park property in Idyllwild west of Delano Road. The tank will not be seen from the campgrounds.

IWD will provide the Park and Open-space District with additional fire hydrants and new service capabilities.

“IWD will proceed with completing the CEQA [California Environmental Quality Act] at the public hearing meeting on Aug. 21 and request approval for the tank and pipeline proposals,” wrote IWD General Manager Terry Lyons. “This tank will provide the Tollgate customers the additional water storage for improved water supply and increased fire protection.”

The new storage facility will enable IWD to improve its service in its Tollgate zone and assure adequate water to the Idyllwild Arts Academy, who provided new service fees in advance to assist in the cost of tank construction.

IWD will be responsible for all studies, permits and inspections needed to build and operate the storage structure. The lease is for 25 years and can be extended.

At its July meeting, the IWD board approved a contract with Lilburn Corporation of San Bernardino to conduct the CEQA evaluation of the site. An initial draft report should be available at the public hearing and the final documentation should be available within three months.