Local Community Service Advisory Committees 36 (Idyllwild) and 38 (Pine Cove) will remain suspended indefinitely, according to Verne Lauritzen, Riverside County Third District Supervisor Jeff Stone’s chief of staff

“The CSA committees are an extension of the supervisor’s office to the community,” Lauritzen stressed. “Some of the actions and maneuvering of the CSAs has not been in harmony with what the supervisor expected.”

Consequently, they will remain suspended, he added.

CSA 36 also needs several new committee members. Recent requests for applicants have resulted in no response. “There’s no interest in the community,” Lauritzen said.

However, Stone is still seeking residents interested in serving on the CSA 36 Advisory Council.

These members will advise and make recommendations to the supervisor concerning recreation and street lighting in the Idyllwild area.

Residents available and willing to share their time and expertise are encouraged to apply for the appointed position. Applications may be downloaded at www.supjeffstone.org at the bottom of the home page under the heading “Volunteers needed.”

For more information, call Opal Hellweg at (951) 955-1030.