Some of you might have noticed how rough Village Center Drive is. From North Circle past the entrance to our shopping center it’s as if there are speed bumps.Why can’t it just be fixed?

I asked Ryan, who is in charge of county roads, and it turns out the picture is not so simple. Budget, of course, is a big factor. Then there’s the amount of traffic on a given section or road, which can govern the priority of repair projects, and traffic in Idyllwild is a fraction of what it is on roads and streets off the Hill.

Ryan said we can influence the equation by calling, writing or speaking to him at the county yard off Maranatha and requesting a certain area be fixed.

These days it’s hard to believe you can actually have some say in government actions, but let’s try it.

The phone number is 951-659-2603.

Besides complaining about rough roads, you can express your appreciation for good service, like staying up all night to plow roads or making an extra effort to sweep up debris from a storm.

Eric Townsend