103113-10 103113-5Makai Sinclair monkeying around Kekona Leia Millhouse (cleopatra) and Clavelia Delvicen Halloween_2013_106 copy Halloween_2013_96 copy Halloween_2013_90 copy Halloween_2013_83 copy Halloween_2013_80 copy Halloween_2013_79 copy Halloween_2013_39 copy Halloween_2013_47 copy Halloween_2013_49 copy Halloween_2013_59 copy Halloween_2013_65 copy Halloween_2013_78 copy Halloween_2013_38 copy Halloween_2013_35 copy Halloween_2013_32 copy Halloween_2013_31 copy Halloween_2013_30 copy Halloween_2013_29 copy Halloween_2013_28 copy Halloween_2013_19 copy DSC_0133 2 copy DSC_0127 2 copy 103113-19 Bailee Hustos, Eric Gentree, and Ashlee Sterunk at the cake walk Colin Smith running around town with a skull he made at home out of a skate helmet, foam, and paper machet 103113-18 103113-7