We’re all aware of the physicians, nurses, and other hospital workers, and the fire, ambulance and law enforcement personnel who are risking their health and their lives while saving the lives of others during this pandemic. No praise is enough for such heroes.

But there are additional front-line heroes right here on our Hill who risk their own health and lives by continuing to do their jobs so the rest of us can mostly stay safe at home. These are the employees of our grocery and supply stores, pharmacy, post offices, take-out restaurants, gas stations and other providers of life necessities — including the delivery people who supply them. And it includes the service providers that keep our water flowing, our power on, our propane tanks filled, our wood stoves glowing and our homes warm and comfortable.  

We profoundly thank all of you heroes, and we wish you continued good health through all of this. And, of course, for them and for us, we hope this grave situation ends as soon as safely possible.