Mountain Folk


By Kelliey Matthews
Office Manager and Executive Board Secretary
High Valleys Water District


The High Valleys Water District celebrated the ending of an era Thursday, Nov. 22.

Long-time director and former Vice President Hannelore “Anne” Clemens (right), who began her service to the community in December 1993, retired her position.

Clemens is a resident of the community of Poppet Flats, which is located south of Banning, and has resided there for more than 30 years.

She became a member of the HVWD Board of Directors at the urging of a neighbor and was elected into the position 20 years ago.

Through many growing pains of HVWD, as well as devastation from the Esparanza and Silver fires, Clemens held true to her commitment to the community, and dedication to her neighbors and friends.

Her direct approach to serving with honesty and without compromise has made her the strong leader the members of the board have come to respect and admire.

HVWD closed the meeting with a formal note of appreciation from President Ernest Wright, and the presentation of a plaque noting her term of service and flowers. A brief reception in her honor followed.

Robert Hughes, a fellow resident of Poppet Flats, was appointed by the Registrar of Voters in August 2013 to replace Clemens beginning in December 2013.

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