Jazz fest didn’t need rescuing

J.P. Crumrine’s article about Jazz in the Pines is certainly right indicating that Anne and Barnaby Finch will put on a great show this year. They are some of the most talented people in Idyllwild. But he does make it sound as if “jazz” needed rescuing.
Having seen the dedication and talent that Marsha Lytle brought to the festival, there is no doubt that the event needs no rescuing. Instead, we should remember and celebrate her professionalism and successes for the last three years.

Jan Goldberg

Editor’s note: As part of the Common Core standards being taught at Idyllwild School, teacher George Companiott had his eighth-grade students write letters to the editor. This is the fourth week Town Crier is printing a few of these.

Making Idyllwild better with smiles

The eighth-graders of Idyllwild Middle School feel that our community lacks youth activities. As a class, we read an article in the Town Crier about the future of Idyllwild, which includes a community center. As stated, “You will not be able to imagine Idyllwild without the community center.” Hopefully, Idyllwild’s future includes several things for youths not bored. Overall, they call this place for youths and it should stay as stated. Let’s make this community a better place for everyone.
The eighth-grade class of Idyllwild Middle School created a survey for community needs of our youths. The class gave out the survey to adults and youths to find out what our community thought about the ideas we had. The results showed that Saturday in the afternoon, at 4 to 5 p.m., was best for the community to go to the event or program. The community also displayed lack of youth programs, which was a reason why the survey was important to express the thought of youths and adults. The location where participants thought an adequate place to hold these events or programs was at the community park. The money could come from fundraisers or charity work. Seventeen out of 18 people thought youths needed to volunteer more in events or programs such as recycling, community events and town clean-up. On question number four, we asked if Idyllwild lacked youths recreational facilities and 15 out of 18 agreed. The collection of the survey answers and data helped our class see the needs of Idyllwild.
My goal is for this community to have enough activities for youths. I feel that parents don’t like having their kids bored. First of all, parents seem to need to have a way for their kids to not be bored. It’s not a good thing either having to make sure kids are smiling and having a good time. We all deserve a good children, and parents want kids to be happy and forget about their worries. Second, kids usually stay at home with nothing to do because there is nothing offered. More kids would become anti-social if they aren’t with other people around. Youths should have a chance to explain what they feel is right for this community. Otherwise, kids will be bored, will have a better chance of becoming anti-social and being behind doors at all times. Together, let’s make this place better with smiles.

Lindsey Montoya
Idyllwild Middle School

Making the town a better place

Last week [Sept. 26], the Town Crier released their weekly newspaper that had an article regarding building a community family center. During the meeting that was held discussing this topic, [architect Jim Marsh] said, “In [20, 30] or 50 years in the future you will not be able to imagine Idyllwild without the community center. It will be the heart and soul of the community.” Building such a structure would require three phases. Phase one would be to build the Butterfield Family Center, phase two would be to build a gym and recreational center, and phase three is to build an indoor pool. They’re planning on having the building be two stories high with the entrance facing Highway 243.
The eighth-grade students of Idyllwild School conducted a survey to discover what the youth community’s needs were. We passed the survey out to various people, two of which were given to adults, and three were given to the youths. When we examined that data the first question showed that most people wanted to have concerts. The majority of people wanted more recreational facilities and thought that the youth should do more volunteer work. While other people thought that there is not enough on-campus, after-school activities available to youths. In the question, “What do you think the main need for youths in Idyllwild is” someone responded with “sports and art programs at the school or in the community.” Now that we know what the community needs are, we can start to create youths programs.
The goals for this project are to engage the youths in our community. One of them is to keep the youths occupied to prevent bad decisions. For example, getting involved in drugs, drinking and doing illegal actions. A second reason is to have youths be more social and active. Sports plays a big part in several youths’ social lives. Being able to make new friends is a significant life skill, and it shows youths how to make a difference in the community. Volunteering can teach youths to be young philanthropists. It also shows youths to be commodity productive. Relations like this can guide youths to a pleasant future. We can all do our part to make this dream a reality. Grant money is a good place to start and with donations and fundraising we can make this community a better place.

Laura Tlacomulco
Idyllwild Middle School