On Sunday, Jan. 13, Idyllwild resident Anna Bielecki, owner of Nature’s Wisdom Restaurant, passed away.

Our condolences extend to Anna’s family and friends.


  1. I am very sad to learn of Anna's passing. She was a wonderful friend and a wonderful healer.
    Sherry and I are sending our condolences and our prayers to her family and this lovely woman
    will be missed by all. Diana Christopher, Hemet.

  2. So very saddened to hear of this great loss. Ana is a dear friend who blessed my life in so many ways. Just knowing she was there was a comfort. She was so quick, always, to come to my aid over the course of our 12 yr friendship.. Ana was certainly a gift to our community and to anyone who was privileged to know her personally. Though I will miss her much, I take great joy in remembering everything about her and what she afforded us: gave to us, taught us, healed us, made us persevere and take responsibility for our health, employed us, loved us, her faithful spirit walk, her BIG HEART. Thank you Ana. Congratulations on your graduation!

    Heartfelt sympathy for your family. Love you Fransi!